Feng Shui 


                                      Change in your environment creates change in your energetic field. 
                                   Change within yourself, creates change in your energetic environment.

Feng Shi affects all aspects of our lives be it: Wealth and Prosperity, Fame, Love, Family, Health and Wellness, Creativity, Knowledge/Wisdom, Career, and Travel.  When applying Feng Shui principles to any specific area, you are affecting the energetic flow of energy in that space. Feng Shui has been used successfully for thousands of years because it works. 

There are many aspects of Feng Shui. Roxanne has studied Black Hat Sect of Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui and she implements a combination of principles such as the Bagua Map, The Five Elements, Numerology, Yin/Yang, Clutter Clearing, Functional Space Design, Staging and Space Clearing.   

If you desire to live or work in an environment that brings you love, {the highest vibration known to mankind} while attracting an abundant lifestyle, then you have found the right person to work with. Working in her clients homes and offices creating balance and a healing environment has been her life's mission for 30 plus years.

Everything is energy and transmits vibrational frequencies that respond to our physical, mental, and emotional bodies. How is the energy from your personal environment affecting  you?  Is your home a place for retreat and healing or full of chaos? Do you have private sanctuaries set up throughout your home and outdoor space, where you can truly relax and let go of all your daily stresses?   At work, are your creative juices flowing freely? Most of us do not even give it a second thought, however, the energy that transmits from our personal space contributes to creating abundant wellness in all areas of our life, or destroys it!  The great news is that we have the ability to shift the vibration of our personal environment within in a short period of time, and start experiencing wonderful benefits such as, increased energy, reduced anxiety and stress, restful sleep, better focus, increased creativity, and improved relationships. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that connects our environment to nature, thereby allowing energy to flow creating abundance on all levels

Let us help you get crystal clear on what it will take to create abundant health, wealth, and happiness!  

                                                                          SPACE CLEARING 

I use a holistic approach towards clearing energetic obstacles from your personal environment. Everything is made of energy, including our emotions, words, thoughts and actions.  Let's look at the energy that emits from an argument. Have you ever walked into a room where an argument has taken place?  The air is so thick you can cut it with a knife. The vibrational frequency from the words and emotions of the argument carry a heavy, dense vibration.  Over time if there are more arguments, that energy becomes part of the environment. That's right, the energy inhabits the ceiling, walls, floors, furniture, people and pets to name a few.  So when you are in that space, you may feel exhausted, depressed, angry or fearful. That is the power of energy. Another example is when you move into a new home.  Be it new or old, the energy from the contractors who built the home to the all the previous homeowners, their energy will leave an imprint on that home no matter what. That includes the energy of the land as well.  Where we live should reflect who we are, not someone else's energetic pattern.  Have you ever lived somewhere, and not felt comfortable or settled in? Perhaps you were feeling left over energy from previous owners behaviors.  Another example is being a caretaker of someone with an illness, be it physical or mental who lives in your home.  Anything less than the perfect health of body, mind and spirit carry's a lower, dense vibration.  Over time this energy can take a toll on all the occupants health and fortune. In this case, we can Space Clear on going while incorporating Feng Shui principles and adding Elements for Peaceful Living to enhance the ongoing healing affect in your home.  

Space Clearing plays a vital role in Feng Shui, by removing discordant energies and infusing your environment with love!



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