Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

CYACYL Essential Oil Audio
Research shows that plants have been linked to the wellness of man since the beginning of time. Ancient people used plants for medicine and first aid.  The ancient Egyptians used essential oils for medicine, beauty, emotional support, embalming, and there were many recipes mentioned in their hieroglyphics for using essential oils for healing.  

You can diffuse these oils to create a beautiful aroma in your home or office while receiving fantastic health benefits at the same time. Or you can anoint yourself directly on your skin, preferred with a carrier oil in case you have skin sensitivities. You can make your own signature air-fresheners from the hundreds of scents available. And most of all, they carry so many healing benefits, so having a few handy in your medicine cabinet makes sense, because when you use therapeutic grade essential oils, you are enhancing your immune system in multiple ways. 

                    Some health benefits from using 
                     therapeutic grade essential oils

Increase focus and clarity                        Lessen side effects from medicine
Relieve joint discomfort                            Increase energy
Lessen stress                                           Improve creativity
Soothe digestion                                       Promotes restful sleep
Reduce hot flashes                                   Helps with hormonal balance
Lessen anxiety & depression                    Reduce side effects from cancer treatment

Essential oils are safe and should always be used with caution when treating the elderly and the very young. Did you know that you can use certain essential oils on your pets as well? 

Roxanne incorporates the use of therapeutic grade essential oils in her practice as they aid in the healing process, while at the same time, giving you the full benefit of raising the healing vibration to the highest level possible.