Magnified Healing

Crystal Gridding


Reiki can help you achieve wellness and balance in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, allowing you to live your best life! The purpose of Reiki is to cleanse, balance and heal your energetic bodies. 

Reiki Session:  A one hour session includes; Reiki Healing, crystal grids, and a reading of energy field.

Arch Healing:  This healing is considered an extension of Reiki III. The acronyms stand for Angelic Reiki Crystal Healing. This form of high vibration healing is being practiced by a few Master Healers worldwide. It is a higher form of energy healing, addressing emotional release and healing on a cellular level. A one hour session includes, Arch Healing, crystal grids and a reading of energetic field.

Magnified Healing:  Magnified Healing is a fifth dimension level of healing, that is heart based. The healing is co-created daily by the practitioner. It is used to create balance, rewire and connect the nervous system, balance the chakras. and heal at a cellular level. Magnified Healing re-distributes the calcium on the spine, heals karma, builds the Light Body, activates all the strands of DNA, and prepares us  for ascension.  It is used in conjunction with either Reiki or Arch.

Crystal Grids:   All crystals carry their own specific healing properties, which  helps our  body, mind and spirit heal on many levels. Crystals are placed on and around the client, creating a grid of high vibrational frequencies, amplifying all the healing modalities.    


Wisdom of the Mind

Power of the Body

Love from Within