Professional Organizing

We often don't realize how much clutter affects our every day lives. When our space is over run with clutter and not organized it affects our thinking,  our moods, relationships and our productivity. It affects the lives of everyone who lives in the home. Not everyone is born with the innate ability to easily purge and organize their stuff. This can be a daunting task for many.  Most people ask,"where do I begin?" There are so many factors to consider when beginning a de-cluttering and or organizing project. This is when people call Roxanne in to bring  her expertise in the field of energy healing of personal environments. Roxanne has been organizing personal spaces since she was a little girl. She loved helping her mom organize cabinets, and papers until everything was put away.  She would have  her mom move her bed and dressers to different areas of her room until it felt right. She even had her bedroom moved to almost every room in the house with the exception of her parents room. Feeling the energy of each space fascinated her and there were always new options with how to organize her stuff. The attic was a very fun place to sleep, especially with her big sister. It is evident that Roxanne was gifted with Feng Shui and organizing abilities as a young child which she eventually turned into her full time practice.  Roxanne will help you clear the clutter one room at a time, and organize all the jewels of your home creating a healing affect.