Functional Space Design
A unique melding of services for your personal and professional needs, adding beauty, harmony and productivity into your environment 

  At Crystal Clear Energies Roxanne energetically clears your home or business energy fields by infusing harmony and balance every step of the way. She has been successfully serving her clients for over 30 years in Bergen, Morris and Essex counties. Her clients actually feel the difference, allowing energy to flow, bringing a sense of peace, alignment and creativity into their space. Roxanne combines a unique melding of services such as light organizing and apply's principles in feng shui, staging, and redesign. We believe your personal and professional spaces should reflect the light and love within your soul, allowing you to create, focus, improve relationships, have fulfilling careers, create financial stability, and enjoy optimum health.

    Have you ever considered how the energy of your space affects you?  According to the Academy of Neuroscience, from the moment you enter a space, the energy in that area affects our body, mind, spirit, and the development of our brains. Imagine upon walking into your home and feeling a sense of calmness  where you can safely retreat from the outside world. Having an orderly environment, where there is a home for everything, plenty of space for cooking and eating, paying bills, homework, family and personal time, or being creative. A sanctuary that fuels love within your soul by connecting you with your personal space and feeling whole inside and out. Imagine at your work place feeling energized, focused, and your creative juices flowing from the moment you walk in, and how much you can accomplish. This a glimpse of what healing our personal environment looks like.  Anyone can clean a space.....Energetic clearing is unique in and of itself.

   Roxanne has the innate ability to refine, purify and clarify energy. She taps into the energy field of your space and extracts discordant energy and transforms it into its purest and best form creating an on going healing environment.  She combines her years of experience as an Intuitive and Certified Feng Shui Consultant and Master/Teacher of multiple energy healing modalities, knowing that her talents bring about a positive healing affect on the body, mind, spirit and personal environment of her clients. Her vision is to help her clients personally and or professionally, create an environment of peace and harmony while manifesting abundance in all aspects of their lives!