Feng Shui and Grief

When we lose a loved one, processing their passing is hard enough, let alone being able to making good decisions about our own future moving forward. Many times we are left with the daunting task of clearing out their belongings and facing the stillness that will lurk around every corner of our new life without them. Too often, we feel like we are not honoring them if we dispose of their things.

However that is the furthest thing from the truth. We can adopt a completely different approach by going through their treasures with other loved ones and jointly making decisions that all can agree upon. I remember going through our father's belongings, and during the process we bonded closer than ever before and parted with loving stories of our past with him. That journey in and of itself was healing for all who took part. Unfortunately, sometimes we may not have others who can share in our experience and lend a helping hand. In either situation, at times one may need an outside party to help facilitate the unthinkable task of letting go. 

Roxanne has successfully helped many clients over the years move through this process, by applying Feng Shui principles to their new space, clearing any left over energetic obstacles that can leave us feeling uncomfortable, while providing healing of body, mind and spirit. Once you have made the decision of letting go, then you can begin picking up the pieces and begin to see life through a brand new pair of lenses. Dreaming of how you can honor your loved one by incorporating a new use for their room or space allows you to still feel their essence while starting on a new path for yourself. 

If you are feeling stuck after losing a loved one and can't bare the thought of dismantling your loved ones life, Roxanne is here to help you accomplish one of the hardest tasks you may ever have to face in your life. She comes in with compassion and experience as she knows first hand one too many times, the suffering that takes place and the importance of honoring and keeping their loved ones memories alive while moving forward with their new future.