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Certification Courses

Reiki I, II, III Master/Teacher
Arch IV, V, VI, VII Master/Teacher
Magnified Healing I Master/Teacher

Reiki I, II, III Master/Teacher: Reiki students will learn traditional Usui Reiki. In Reiki I, students will also learn the use of Angelic Binding Symbols, a powerful cleansing tool used for clearing energies from people, animals, places and things. As healing practitioner's, we can absorb discordant energies from our clients, so it is necessary to clear energies before any healing session takes place. The Angelic Binding Symbols have only been taught by a few Reiki Master/Teachers and to their students world wide. Reiki II, and III, students will learn in depth  the healing properties of crystals, how to cleanse and program them, and the application of crystals in healing. This is an additional tool that is not taught in traditional Reiki Certification Courses. Students who are trained using crystals in their healing practice have an advantage, because when used correctly, crystals have the ability to bring the healing to the highest level possible. Clients who have experienced Reiki before hand without crystals, are amazed at the difference in the level of healing with the use of crystals. In Reiki III, students will learn the process of attunements.
There will be a 1 to 3 month period in between certification courses, in order for the students to practice and to be coming from a place of non-ego. Each student must know all of the information taught in each course. If they know the information, they will receive their attunement and certificate at the end of the course. If the student does not know all of the information, they may study for 2 weeks, and come back to retake the test and receive their attunement and certificate.

Arch IV, V, VI, VII Master/Teacher: Angelic Reiki Crystal Healing is an advanced level of Reiki. This healing process involves working with specific Arch Angels in the release of deep seated emotions. In all of the Arch classes, students will learn use of additional crystals, enochian alphabet {language of the Arch Angels}, and the process of attunement.
Magnified Healing I Master/Teacher:  Students do not need to be Reiki certified to take this course, however, it is highly recommended. The students vow to practice Magnified Healing daily in order to co-create the healing. Magnified Healing is for students who are ready to take their healing knowledge and gifts to the next level.