Meglath Park Columcille Meglath Park Columcille Columcille Meglath Park Beautiful meglath park in Pennsylvania. Feels like stepping into another realm, so much beauty! 205950147 Columcille Meglath Park Check out the huge quartz crystal at top of the new bell tower! 205950148 Columcille Meglath Park Beautiful shot of the bell at the new tower 205950149 Sunrise over the city 205950150 columcile 204467848 Outdoor Feng Shui You can apply Feng Shui to the outdoors and create an oasis of sounds from a streaming pond or waterfall. 205950151 Orbs Galore What a lovely way to spend an evening with spirit all over your yard! 205950152 Amethyst Church What a great find! 205950154 sound healing 204467851 Singing Bowls This set of Tibetan Singing Bowls is perfectly pitched to each one of the 7 Chakras. They can be used in many ways such as diagnosis, balancing, clearing and healing the chakras and our emotions. 205950155 merkaba 204467852 Spring time glory Peonies, amazing patterning with such a delicate flower. 205950156